Monday, 9 July 2012

Windsor Essex is becoming a Retirement Destination

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Windsor Essex Capitalizing on their recent news confirming 855 new retiree residents have relocated to the region and invested $228 million in housing, Krista Del Gatto, President of WEARCI and Executive Officer of The Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board announced today WEARCI will host their first RetireHere Show and Seminar in Toronto, September 28, 29.

In pre-show advertising that invites the age 50-plus consumer to 'Discover Your Nest Egg Potential,' WEARCI is targeting a select number of homeowners in the GTA owning real estate valued at $500,000 or more with household incomes of at least $175,000.

"We're planning a show that focuses exclusively on the 100 Mile Peninsula's unique lifestyle and amenities, affordable prime real estate options and the growing trend to relocate to our region," emphasized Ms. Del Gatto. "Our goal is to bring twenty partners together and showcase all nine municipalities, retirement communities, new housing developments and health care services. Information that affluent boomers, ready to cash out of the GTA, need before they'll visit our region," added Del Gatto.

Attendance at the RetireHere Show will be limited to 1,000 guests daily, in order to provide visitors identified as high-relocation prospects, access to wealth-planning seminars small business opportunities and one-on-one conversations with recent new residents who will share testimonials about the WindsorEssex lifestyle.

Partners in the show to date include the WindsorEssex Development Corporation, Tourism WindsorEssex Pelee Island, Windsor Family Credit Union, BK Cornerstone Design / Coopers Mill Retirement Community, Bob Lo Developments, the towns of Leamington and Kingsville, The Windsor-Essex County Real Estate Board and WEARCI.

Highlighting the show and adding an experiential flair to the event will be a daily wine and food pairing featuring Essex County wines and local foods.

"We've been conducting pre-show surveys through our data base of respondents in the GTA to determine interest in WindsorEssex and the show," said Ms. Del Gatto. "The response has been very positive with 90% indicating they will attend and several adding comments that this type of show is needed in their area," she added.

WEARCI will host the RetireHere Show in the 6,000 sq.ft. Commonwealth Ballroom at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel and Suites located on Eglinton near the Don Valley Parkway.

Source: WECRB

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