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What to do when your assessment is too high, Windsor Real Estate

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Source MPAC brochure:

If you don’t agree with your Property Assessment from MPAC you can file a Request for Reconsideration.

The deadline to file your RfR is April 2, 2012.

There are two ways to file a RfR:
• The preferred method is to submit a RfR form.
Request For Reconsideration 2012 Form

Forms are available at, or call us at 1 866 296-MPAC (6722). You may also choose to file your RfR electronically through AboutMyProperty™ on MPAC’s website. You will be able to attach documents, pictures and reports to accompany your RfR. Your personalized User ID and Password for AboutMyProperty™ are included on your Notice.
1. Write a letter requesting a reconsideration. In your letter, please include the 19-digit roll number on your Notice; your full name, address and phone number; and the reasons why you feel your assessment is not correct, including any information you have to support your claim.
2. File an Appeal with the Assessment Review Board (ARB) You may also choose to file an Appeal with the ARB, an independent tribunal of Ontario’s Ministry of theAttorney General.

Residential, Farm and Managed Forest Properties
If your property, or a portion of it, is classified as residential, farm or managed forests, you must first file a RfR with MPAC before you are eligible to file an Appeal with the ARB. The classification of your property is indicated on your Notice.

If you are required to, or choose to file a RfR first, you have 90 days after MPAC has notified you of its decision on your RfR to file an Appeal with the ARB.
The ARB has its own Appeal process. For more information, please contact the ARB at
1 866 448-2248 or 416 212-6349 or visit their website at
To request that your property be eligible for the farm or managed forests classes or
conservation land exemption, you must file a RfR with the respective program administrator. For more information, please contact MPAC or visit
Other Property Types
For any other property types, you can choose to file a RfR with MPAC or file an Appeal with the ARB. The deadline to file your RfR and/or Appeal is April 2, 2012.
MPAC’s Role at an ARB Hearing At an ARB hearing, the onus is on MPAC to prove the
accuracy of our assessed value. MPAC will present comparable properties as evidence and will share that information with you prior to the hearing. You will also be asked to provide evidence to support
your position. Ideally, you should select properties that are most similar to yours (for example, neighbourhood, lot dimensions, living area, age of structure(s) and quality of construction). Please contact MPAC if you have any questions.

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