Friday, 30 March 2012

Tips for Showing a Home Windsor Real Estate

6 Tips to a Great Home Showings

When it comes to showing your home to potential home buyers, you want to make sure that they are focused on the home’s potential to become theirs rather than constantly distracting them with outside issues.
The following tips will help showings .

Home Showing Tip  #1

Dont have Family and friends just hanging out
When you decide to sell your home, you really do need to consider how you will show your home. It is definitely unsettling for home buyers to walk through a home only to find that there are kids sleeping in the rooms or someone is frying up a steak as they arrive.
A home showing must be treated like a business transaction and in order to drive a sale, you must behave in a professional manner. Ask family members to look after your kids and make sure that the only people in the home are the ones who will be showing it.

Home Showing Tip #2

Being Present for Showings

You have right to be excited about showing your home to potential hom buyers and you may want to gauge their opinion about your home. But  best if the home owner is not present during showings.

If the home owner is home, people often feel rushed and do not give the home enough time.

By letting the Realtor handle the showing, it gives the buyer time to look around and discuss the home with their Realtor.

Home Showing Tip #3

Knowing  your homes strengths and weaknesses
From the moment home buyers walk toward your home, they are searching for flaws and drawbacks, as most skeptics tend to do. I often find it helpful to do a summary of the strengths of a home and show the value of improvements, as well I can often do a cost analysis of any potential weaknesses ie. cost of a new roof or windows.  If a home needs a major repair, it will be obvious to any buyer. Having a quote before hand can often elimante any fears a buyer might have.

Home Showing Tip # 4

Removing any Odours
Nothing says “don’t buy my house” quite like the smell of wet dog. Add the smell of synthetic roses to the mix, and you might essentially be telling home buyers to run not walk away from your home.
As well, cooking before or during a home visit is not appreciated, as no one wants to leave a home smelling like fried food. Boil some cinnamon in water and keep the scent of your home welcoming and delicate rather than invasive.

Home Showing Tip #5

Temporary removing pets
If possible Pets should not be presetn for showings. If they cannot be removed, ensure they have a place that is away from all the main features of the home ie kitchen, baths bedrooms.

Home Showing Tip #6

A Clean Hoouse
If a home buyer walks into a home and all they can think about is the cleaning up they would have to do if they bought your home, chances are they will not want to buy your home.
You need to make your home sparkling clean and I am not exaggerating when I say that it should be clean enough that people could eat off the floor. If you want home buyers to focus on the potential of the home and not the clutter and grime, clean it and clean it well.



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